Cancelled Projects



During post release of PLANET ALPHA I helped develop two separate projects that were cancelled due to studio shutdown.


Rescue Rascals


A Couch Co-op game in pre-production. I developed a fun and vibrant artstyle to sell a cute and funny sci fi universe. Each of the four players would control a Rescue Rascal, and through dodgeball gameplay help mindcontrolled creatures on mysterious planets.



A utopian cyberpunk roguelike. This little testbed for assets were created in 2 weeks time, to test out artstyle, requirements and pipeline.


It is a rooftop garden on top of the utopian city. Initial focus was on reusable assets to easily create different layouts with the same props.


Advanced grass, foliage and "world-based" tileable materials were created to make level creation easier and quicker.


Tileable props to populate play area.

Opacity based on distance to camera to avoid hiding the character.

Auto tinted foliage reacting to character movement.

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