I am a Copenhagen based games artist devoted to creating high quality content. My main drive is to create appealing experiences that engages the player either in the visual expression or though unique design.


I tend to function as a fluid multidisciplinary member of a production. I excel at solving visual or design challenges, and are particularly interested in topics such as modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and shaders. In general I describe myself as an generalistic artist with a preference for technical solutions.


At a personal level I love playing games in all forms, but especially games as such as 'Diablo 3', 'Civilization', 'Xcom' or 'Magicka'. Right now I'm submerging myself in the wonderful world of boardgames, and I'm loving Legacy coop games: 'Pandemic', 'Mechs vs Minions' and 'Gloomhaven' but also titles like 'Blood Rage' and 'Carcassonne' are always great fun.



Sketchfab (3D model previews)


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