Animation & Rigging


I have intermediary understanding of rigging and animation. I am capable of creating and animating various characters and objects with methods and tools like Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics and other types of constraints.

I spent a good part of my time on PLANET ALPHA working on animations for animals, enemies, robots and even foliage that had to change shape due to the sun cycle and time of day in the game.

Attack cycle of a giant worm from PLANET ALPHA

Multiple eyes skinned and rigged to follow a single focus point (the player).

A fun plant changing its shape in a unconventional way. A considerable chunk of the foliage animation was also done with the help of vertex "Shape Keys" also known as "Blend Shapes".

Walk cycle test of a major creature in PLANET ALPHA.

A rigging experiment using cloth simulations for automated jiggle bones in blender. Only the spine is moved, and the hair and various small jiggly areas move automatically.

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